Hi –   I’m Pauline Daniel  
Life Coach, Spiritual Entertainer, and Author.
Welcome to my Website


My Speciality is helping women of all ages to trust themselves; to stop second guessing and living with self-doubt.

‍That’s a trap  and cuts off the  Joy in your life.

‍I  believe in the power of following your heart; It’s your sacred centre and Your compass.

‍Your Heart has all your Answers – Your Wisdom and Your Guidance.

It will never run out.


My approach is to follow your heart because it’s your compass and your guide.  

Your heart holds your dreams, desires and deep inner knowing about many things.

Scientific evidence supports the powerful relationship between your heart and your brain.  

Your heart has your answers and they come to you in a flash.  Unless you’ve been encouraged to hear and trust your answers, they go unnoticed or ignored.  

And sadly, your dreams and desires go with them.  

Coaching with me changes that.


Who calls themselves a Spiritual Entertainer?  
I do.  

A spiritual entertainer holds the energy of Fun, Freedom, Laughter and Joy for women.

Fun, Freedom, Laughter and Joy is a high, powerful energy created by women when they are together.  

As a little girl, I remember being drawn to women’s laughter when my mom, my aunt and their cousins would gather together for coffee (and cigarettes back then) and there was always laughter with my grandmother.


My book, Tuesdays with Jack, is a love story for the world.  

It’s a tribute to my grandson, our relationship and my legacy.  

This beautiful little book began as a Facebook post after spending Tuesdays with my grandson Jack.  

Tuesdays was our day from the time he was baby.  

When he started to talk, he amazed and delighted me with the things he said.